Companyia Carolyn Carlson

The Tree

The choreogrpaher Carolyn Carlson, who lives in París, has created more than a undred of performances where she tries to develope and share the peotical univers. She prefers to call her coreographies "visual poetry" to describe her work. 

In The Tree, she bases her movements on the book Fragments of Poetics of Fire written by the French philosopher Gaston Bachelard and tries this poetic flames to represent the complexity of the natural elements in an actual context of dystopia and collapse with the hope of a rebirth the ashes like a Phoenix. 

The last opportunity to see Carolyn Carlson, who is saying goodbye to the stage

The choreographer collabores with the visual artist Xingjian (winner of The Literature Nobel Price in 2000), who sublimes the scenography with his abstract paintings. 

"We are not outside the univers; we are a little seed of this cycle that make changes on the seasons and in the creation of the world" - Carolyn Carlson. 

Nine dancers intepret a powerul expression of vitalism and love for nature in an actual context of coalpse and dystopia. This performance open the second edition of the vestival 'Terrassa, city of Dance'. 


The Tree

Saturday, November 5th

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