Habemus Corpus

Miquel G. Font premiers his last production, Amnea, at Centre Cultural Terrassa. An evolution and continuation of his play Aire, premiered at Festival Grec in 2017. Amnea is a neo-contemporary composition that combines electroacoustic music with sacred music performed by a large live choir, high definition projections and eight international dancers. After that there will be a tour around Europe and Asia.

Memory is the air of life. If it gets lost, the memory of everything we lived disappears. Amnea talks about the idea of death as an extreme but temporary state. Is there anything after death?  If there is, is it a new beginning? What is between the end and the new beginning?

Amnea is a neologism that we want to propose: a symbiosis between Amnesia and Apnea, which takes us to the state between death and the afterlife, opening and closing questions that have historically influenced all society


Sábado, 12 de Septiembre a las 20h.
37a Temporada BBVA de Dansa

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