Samara Opera Ballet and Orchestra

Under the direction of famous choreographer Yury Burlaka, the company has its own orchestra and it is directed by the great Evgenij Khokhlov.

The theatre was founded in 1931 and great ballet personalities have contributed to its growth to this day. Some of them are Natalia Danilova (1905-1985), the choreographer and former student of Agrippina Vaganova, the legendary ballet dancer of the Saint Petersburg Ballet Alla Chelest (1919-1998) and Nikita Dolgouchine (1938-2012).

Swan Lake. A spectacular staging with more than 100 artists, including dancers and musicians, who will put an end to the 37th BBVA Dance Season.

Yuri Burlaka is a director, choreographer and ballet master and has the highest distinction of Saint Petersburg: the Golden Spotlight Award. After a prolific career as a dancer, Burlaka joined the company in 2008. After becoming its artistic director he took over the direction of the company in 2017.

Swan Lake

Sábado, 12 de Diciembre a las 20h.
Domingo, 13 de Diciembre a las 18h.
37a Temporada BBVA de Dansa

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