Course 2022-2023

PAR in Dance is a High Level Performance Dance Program that takes places at the facilities of La Factoria Cultural de Terrassa (Barcelona). The course 2022-2023 will begin September 1st, 2022, and will finish June 30th, 2023, with classes between Monday to Friday from 10am to 18pm.  

Complete pedagogical program

For PAR team, the pedagogical training and technique of the dancer is very important. The Program is based on the search for a solid technique in classic and with which they also have contemporary training according to the different current styles.
During the school year, the daily days include ballet classes, pointe classes, repertoire work, pas de deux lessons, contemporary dance, variations and repertoire, among many others. The morning sessions are entirely dedicated to the pedagogical part of the course, while the afternoon sessions are focused on the rehearsals of the productions.

Dancing on big stages with own productions

During the course there will be two productions, created or adapted by different choreographers, where the students will enjoy the stage and where they will put into practice the knowledge acquired in the lessons. In this way, they will be able to focus their work towards professional life.
The first production of 2022-2023 will be The Nutcracker, which will premiere on December 17 at La Factoria Cultural de Terrassa and will be presented to the public throughout the weekend. The dancers will recreate the story of Clara by Rodolfo Castellanos and Anael Martín, repeaters of the original choreography of M. Petipà i G. Balanchine.
The second production that will be brought to the stage will be Four Seasons. With choreography by Ilia Jivoy, work will begin on it in March and will premiere on May 6, 2023 at LaFACT Cultural. With this production there will be a tour of different theaters in Catalonia and Spain.

Possibility of participate in professional productions 

La Factoria Cultural de Terrassa will premiere on November 2022 ballet Carmen, the first production of the foundation, where some dancers will have the opportunity of participate with a professional contract and dance with profession dancers such as Sergio Bernal or Giada Rossi.  

Moreover, LaFACT Cultural offers the possibility of participate on the International Gala of Dance with a professional contract to some PAR dancers.

Training for professional world 

PAR also offers the possibility of help and prepare the students to get into the professional world. They will be trained individually and in group to do the companies audition and also to participate in all the contestants they want to. 

During 2022-2023 course there will be some weeks dedicated to prepare the students to audition and get ready for being professional dancers.

Choreographic workshops

February will be dedicated to the choreographic workshops, where PAR students will be playing for first time a choreographer role. During these weeks, they will create their own choreographies for themselves or for their classmates. 

A unic and own creation where they will have to think body movementes, music, or dresscode, among many other things. It will be premiered at the beginning of March on a choreographic contestant where the best job will be awarded with the final course program and a voucher. 

Direct contact with professional companies and dancers 

La Factoria Cultural de Terrassa every year welcomes various companies and professional dancers who bring their work to the stage. Professionals who take advantage of this view to carry out masterclasses, workshops, talks and/or exchanges with PAR students. 

Among many others, during 2022-2023 they will work with Matthew Golding and Lucia Lacarra, Georgia’s Ballet, Carolyn Carlson Company and Jesús Carmona Company. 

Final Course Gala 

Course will finish on June 30th, 2023, with a final gala, that will be preparing since the end of Four Seasons tour. Here the dancers will present a summary of what they have done during the course and som new pieces.