Course 2022-2023

On the 1st of September, and for the third year in a row, our High Level Performance Program (PAR) opened its doors to another course. Students from all over the world came in, filled with eagerness in order to achieve their dream; being a professional dancer.  

Once the introductions were made, our staff composed by Rodolfo CastellanosAnael Martín and Lucie Barthélémy started with the beginning of the course. Since then, students are being taught in technique, pas de deux, pointe shoe work, repertoire variations, contemporary, classical, Nutcracker, etc. Additionally, some of our students took part in the set of Carmen Suite, a ballet produced by LaFact Cultural.  There also some other productions such as: PAR en Dansa On Stage or The four seasons, choreographed by Ilya Jivoy. 

This year we have started the course with a total of 37 registrations. Out of all the students, some will join the programme when the course has already started, while others will leave as job opportunities arise, which is why registrations to join the PAR are still open as the course progresses.

The High Performance Dance Programme is a project with a clear international vocation. Day by day we try to establish ourselves as a centre of reference in the training and production of new ballet talents.

At present, PAR en Dansa has students from all over the world: France, Lithuania, Italy, Venezuela, Belgium, Colombia, the USA, Argentina, Taiwan, Greece, New Zealand, Sweden, Chile and, of course, Spain.

All of them are more than welcome to join our course. We are hoping that they can take advantage of their stay here to grow in their professional training as dancers and, at the same time, that they can be culturally enriched by the cultural diversity of the programme.