Roger Mas


Roger Mas Babià is a Spanish pianist and composer from Barcelona. He studied a bachelor’s degree in Music Composition at the Conservatori del Liceu de Barcelona and
graduated in 2020-2021. Simultaneously to his bachelor’s, he studied and learned the craft of dance accompaniment. Since then, Roger has played for ballet and contemporary dance equally and has developed an accurate understanding of the musical needs for each dance environment.

He has worked as an accompanist for a number of summer intensives including, WADE’s Dance Hub: Italy, IB Stage, the Oriol Martorell Summer Intensive, as well as for the International Festival of Children’s Folk (Poland), and is currently the music director for WADE’s Dance Hub: Barcelona. In the past, he has played company class at the Ballet de Catalunya and collaborated closely with a large variety of artists from both the classical and contemporary dance scene, such as Roy Assaf, Alleyne Dance, Molissa Fenley, Giada Ferrone, Sebastien Meri, Philip Taylor, Emilie Camacho, and Davide di Pretorio among others contemporary artists; and with Larissa Lezhnina, Alejandro Parente, and Elias García among other ballet dancers and choreographers.

Currently, Roger accompanies dance back and forth between the PAR en dansa program and the artistic school Oriol Martorell