The High Performance Programme (PAR) in Dance is a continuous training programme for young ballet dancers between 16 and 22 years old who want to make the move into the professional world. To achieve this, they have the help of a team of experienced teachers (former principal dancers) who have a long career in the professional ballet world.

With the PAR in Dance you will gain contacts and have the opportunity to work with professional companies where you will be able to make yourself known in their masterclasses.

1. Complete educational programme

The main objective of the PAR in Dance is to be able to offer a complete training based on the development of dance technique, both classical and contemporary. An experience that will allow the dancer to grow as an artist.

During the school year, the daily schedule includes ballet classes, pointe classes, repertoire work, pas de deux lessons, contemporary dance, variations, body conditioning and rehearsals.

The morning sessions are entirely dedicated to the pedagogical part of the course, while the afternoon sessions are focused on rehearsals for the productions.

2. Home productions on big stages

From PAR in Dance we consider it essential for our students to gain experience on stage, therefore, we offer them the opportunity to participate in different productions. In some of them, such as The Nutcracker, all PAR members take part, while in others, such as Carmen Suite or The Four Seasons, only a selected number of our students participate.

We believe that the combination of classes and stage experience is what allows our students to approach the professional world from a formative perspective.


Meeting and working with dance professionals is an opportunity that we do not miss at PAR in Dance. Fortunately, every year we are lucky enough to be able to work with them. For instance, in the production Carmen Suite (November 2022), a selection of our students was chosen to dance in this production starring Sergio Bernal and Giada Rossi.

On the other hand, the choreographer Ilia Jivoy joins PAR in Dance in March 2023 in order to personally prepare our dancers for the production of The Four Seasons.


Although individual monitoring and training are a constant in PAR en Danza, we do not want to lose sight of our main objective: to prepare our students to the maximum so that they can face the audition processes of professional companies with guarantees.

To this end, after helping to prepare all the necessary audition material, our team of teachers personally advises and informs our students of the most interesting job offers.


Thanks to this initiative, the PAR in Dance dancers will put themselves in the shoes of a choreographer during these weeks and will create their own choreographies while directing their colleagues.

A creation of their own from start to finish where they will have to conceive the body movements, the music and the costumes, among many other things. It will also be presented to the public at the beginning of March in a choreography competition broadcast live. The best work, chosen by the public, will be awarded with a space in the programme of the end-of-year gala and a gift voucher.


Every year Terrassa welcomes various companies and professional dancers who bring their work to the LaFACT Cultural stage. Professionals who take advantage of this visit to give masterclasses, workshops, talks and exchanges with PAR en Danza students.

Among others, during the 2022-2023 academic year we will receive visits from professionals such as: Matthew Golding and Lucía Lacarra, the Georgian Ballet, the Carolyn Carlson Company, Aterballetto, the Jesús Carmona Company, the Bejart Ballet of Lausanne.


The 2022-2023 course officially comes to an end on the 30th of June after the celebration of a final gala. All PAR en Dance students will have the opportunity to demonstrate on stage their technical evolution after the 10 months of continuous training they have received.

A farewell to the course open to the public where a selection of the best works produced throughout the year will be performed.

Sandra Salietti – Aterballetto

You can enjoy all this programme together with the great facilities of one of the most well-appointed theatres in Catalonia, with devoted and very motivated staff and humane treatment as a priority.

Directed by Rodolfo Castellanos

Known worldwide as principal dancer of the National Ballet of Cuba—directed by Alicia Alonso—and guest dancer in big events around the world. He is now a famous ballet master in big schools and companies like the Royal Ballet or the English National Ballet among others.

Coordinated by Anael Martín 

She was part of Cuba’s National Ballet for 20 years, becoming the first soloist and repeater. There she also worked under the artistic direction of Alicia and Fernando Alonso. She has performed all the classical repertoire and folk, neoclassical and contemporary coreogrpahies as a dancer.

The program is taught annually from September to June with only an entry fee of 4.200€ that covers the whole course.

You can ask for advice with accommodation and the needed documentation at any time.


We offer the possibility to participate in onsite or virtual auditions for all those who have problems going to the Factoria Cultural de Terrassa (Barcelona).

To enroll please submit the audition registration.

We offer the possibility to participate in onsite or virtual auditions for all those who have problems going to the Factoria Cultural de Terrassa (Barcelona).

To enroll please submit the audition registration.


The requirements to participate in the audition are the following: Solid classical dance base including pointe technique,  notions of improvisation and contemporary techniques and Pas de Deux technique.