Foto grup curs 2023/24

We have started the 2023/24 academic year!

We started a new course at PAR en Dansa with new teachers, productions and national tours.

The students have already started the training that will accompany them, at least, until June. A training where they can evolve, grow and enter the professional world of classical and contemporary dance.


In one month, six different teachers!

  • Rodolfo Castellanos (Artistic Director and teacher)
  • Anael Martín (teacher)
  • Ilyia Jivoy (choreographer and teacher) new incorporation! 

We have started accompanied by other guest teachers such as Jamal Callender, Hervé Costa and Sandra Salietti.



For us, it is essential that students have the opportunity to perform on stage on different occasions during training. For this reason, each course several productions are worked on in order to provide you with this magnificent and necessary experience. In the coming months we will prepare…

  • The Nutcracker + national tour
  • Les Sylphides 
  • The Triumph of Aphrodite
  • III Edition of the Choreographic Workshops
  • The Four Seasons + national tour
  • IV Gala PAR en Dansa