Tell Me Tellemann

Artistic and technical information

  • Production: PAR in Danza
  • Choreography: Iratxe Ansa and Igor Bacovich 
  • Photography: Josep Guindo

Georg Philipp’s music serves as a common thread for the creation that the contemporary choreographers and dancers Iratxe Ansa (National Dance Award 2020) and Igor Bacovich, has devised for PAR in Dance. 

About thirty dancers on stage, accompanied by a chamber orchestra that will perform live three of the most famous suites of virtuous and prolific German composer, will be the protagonists of Tell Me Tellemann. 

A show where choreogrpahic games will give free rein to the imagination of the public. A choral bet that will combine moments with a great name of dancers on stage with Pas de Deux, quartets or quintents, in a kind of abstract and tremendously dynamic choreography. Movement and virtuosity will resolver in a symbolic and naked work on a minimalist scenography focused on the technique, music and interpretation of the young students of PAR.