Artistic and technical information:

  • Direction and dramaturgy: Miquel G. Font
  • Production: PAR in Dance
  • Choreography: Miguel G. Font
  • Music: Léo Delibes
  • Costumes: Marta Muiños
  • Scenography, Graphic Design and Projections: Miquel G.Font
  • Technical Chief: Enric Salvador
  • Sound: Pol Baltrons
  • Lighting: Santi Miquel
  • Equipment room: Carles Pirla


First promotion of PAR in Dance dancers: Camil·la Adrián, Pau Altimira, Lia Boujol, Laura Figueroa, Mika Gal, Lucía Galán, Berta Garcia, Louise Girard, Carla Hogarth, Samba Injai, Júlia Martí, Noa Martín, Marta Otano, Joseph Peñaloza, Maria Polyxeni, Carolina Rehues, Leyre Sanvicente, David Serrano, Marta Sicilia, Lia Suárez, Alex Vazquez.

When a classic becomes a mirror of the current situation. When anyone can be manipulated by unreal desires. When reality becomes fiction.

This ballet is considered a dramatic comedy. This production shows how the group of dancers defend an updated a version of the classic. Miquel G. Font is the one who designed the mirror in which he show how the classic story of the inventor who creates a realistic doll and a young man falls in love with her is reflected in the current situation, with a black humour and with clear messages anyone can feel identified with, directly or indirectly. Also at the choreographic level, with the precision required by his work and excluding the typical internal hierarchy of classic productions such as roles, genres or main characters, with a global aesthetic between realistic and conceptual, Coppélia’s general message reach our minds both visually and acoustically thanks to Léo Delibes’ music.

Guest dancers:

Maria Torrents – Trained as a dancer at the IT Dansa Theater Institute, directed by Catherine Allard, Maria Torrents later worked with companies such as Phase Zero Productions, Berlin Expat Theater and Tanzpeicher Wützburg. She is a member of Habemus Corpus, led by Miquel G. Font since 2020.

Nabar Martínez – Trained at the Professional Conservatory of Dance of Riba-Roja del Turia and dancer at the Malandin Ballet in Biarritz, he had his first contact with Miquel G. Font in the founding creation of Ballet Contemporani de Catalunya, in 2020.

Emmanuel Dobby – Trained as a dancer at the Junior Ballet Bordeaux, he joined the young dance company Dantzaz kompania (es), working with choreographers such as I. Galili, E. Gautier, Lukas Timulak, among others. In 2013 he joined the Staatstheater Darmstadt, under the direction of Mei-Hong Lin, starting work with Miquel G. Font, who invited him to join Habemus Corpus in 2014 to be part of it until today, also as a choreographic assistant. He also works with other French companies such as Lynchore, Estelle Danvers and The Artist, as a lead dancer.