The Nutcracker

Artistic and technical information

  • Direction and coreographic arrangement: Rodolfo Castellanos
  • Coreography: M. Petipà, G. Balanchine, R. Castellanos
  • Assitant director: Anael Martín
  • Music: Piotr Ilich Chaikovski
  • Costumes: Carles Solé
  • Scenography: Noemi Batllori Vidal, Madalena Elek Machado
  • Stage perfomance: Noemi Batllori Vidal, Madalena Elek Machado, Gustavo de Laforé
  • Technical chief: Enric Salvador
  • Lighting: Santi Miquel
  • Sound: Pol Baltrons
  • Equipment room: Carles Pirla
  • Fotography: Josep Guindo
  • Production: PAR in Dance

When ballet becomes a Christmas tradition. The Nutcracker takes us to a world of magic and dreams. 

Production with a Rodolfo Castellanos’ coreography based on Petipa’s classical basis. The Nutcracker follows the original script introducing small changes in the dances from each country. Clara will dance the Pas de Deux with the Nutcracker when he becomes a Prince, and also the Grand Pas de Deux in the second act.

The youngest students from dance schools from the territory will participate in the first scene. Drosselmeyer is a real magician and his performance will transport us to an unforgettable fantasy world. This production will end with a tremendous end with the entire cast dancing on stage.



I Act

The story happens in Europe around 1870. It’s Christmas Eve and there’s a party at Clara’s and Fritz’s house where Clara’s godfahter, Drosselmeyer, a watch and mechanic maker, and the most respected families of the city are invited. 

The godfahter has the talent of amusing children and entertains them with incredible magic tricks. He brought a very special gift to Clara: a Nutcracker. She loved it and plays with it all night, but her brother, Fritz, and her friends bother her until they break the special toy. The godfahter, Drosselmayer, fixes the toy and give it back to Clara who smile with happiness again. 

The guests dance while the kids play and when the party is over all of them leaves. Clara fell asleep and se has a fabulous dream in which she returns to the Christmas tree and take her Nutcracker. In this moment a group of mice invade the hall accompained by their King. Drosselmeyer appears and magically makes the Christmas tree grow, transforms the Nutcracker into human measure and makes a few soldiers appears that are Fritz’s toys. Starts a war between mice and soldiers led by the Nutcracker. Clara throws her shoe to the mice’s King and kills him. She helps the soldiers to win the battle. 

The Nutcracker has been badly wounded by the combat, Drosselmeyer revives him and the Nutcracker becomes a Prince. Suddenly, the hall becomes the Kingdom of Snows, a snown forest where Clara and the Prince dance wrapped in snowflakes. 

II Act

Clara and the Prince starts a marvelous trip, they say goodbay to the Kingdom of Snows and travel to the Kingdom of Sweets where the Sugar Queen is having a party in their honor. Dancers of around the world dance their most representative coreographies and they get a lot of presents. The Nutcracker Prince and Clara dance a Grand Pas de Deux and there’s an apotheosis ending where all of them dances together celebrating Christmas.