Rodolfo Castellanos, jury of Dance Open America Madrid

Dance Open America will be held for the first time in Spain in Teatro Real Carlos III of Aranjuez. The contest will take place between February 9 and 13th, 2022, in Madrid, and will have the special participation of Rodolfo Castellanos as a jury.

This renowned contest brings together people from all cultures and ethnicities with the same passion and with the same goal: dance. The mission of DOA’s creators is to «enable dancers to become innovative and skilled artists, enabling them to reach their full potential».

The contest will welcome dance students between 8 and 23 years who will have the opportunity to win several prizes, among which are some scholarships for Summer Intensive 2022 offered by PAR in Dance.

Participants will be able to compete alone, in pairs and in groups, and will be judged according to the style (classical ballet, contemporary and flamenco) and according to the division which they belong due to their age:

  • Beginner: 8 to 12 years old
  • Intermediate: 13 to 16 years old
  • Advanced: 17 to 23 years old

Rodolfo Castellanos, the artistic director of the high-performance program, will travel to Madrid on the night of Tuesday, February 8th, to serve as a jury member at Dance Open America.

The Cuban will remain in the Spanish capital until next Sunday, when the contest ends. The dancer will be one of the four members who determine who will be the winners, along with Miguel Altunga, Catherine Zuaznabar and Kumiko Noshiro.

In addition to participating as a jury in the contest, Rodolfo Castellanos will offer three of the participants three scholarships for the Summer Intensive offered by PAR, a two-week course that will feature the participation of renowned professors such as Jamal Callender or Ilia Jivoy.

The artistic director of the program will reward three dancers from the higher divisions (intermediate and advanced) to participate in the Summer course that this year will take place between July 5 and 16th and be able to subsequently opt for the annual course that will begin next September 2022 and end in June 2023. One of them will get a 100% scholarship and the other two a 50% scholarship.