Joseph Peñaloza da el salto profesional

State Opera Stara Zagora hires Joseph Peñaloza

Joseph Peñaloza has established himself as one of the most advanced students of the High Performance Program of LaFACT Cultural, Factoria Cultural de Terrassa. His perseverance, his firmness, his certainty and his daily work have led him to achieve his ultimate goal of being a professional dancer. 

After training for the last two years at PAR, he has been hired by the State Opera Stara Zagora, the second most important dance company in Bulgaria. 

The dancer arrived to Terrassa in 2020 to become one of the students of first promotion of the program. He participated in the productions that were made throughout the course (In-Connection, Coppelia and Nutcracker), and came to play such outstanding roles as the Pas de Deux of this last work.

His effort and his worked led him to win a training scholarship to stay another year in PAR. He has only studied a few months before being contacted by the Bulgarian company, but that has not crippled him from participating in two of the performances of the new course.

Jamal Callender and Rodolfo Castellanos have choreographed Dancing Vivaldi. A work that mixes classic with contemporary, and with which they try to break the traditional schemes of dance. With this production, PAR has made its first tour by different theaters in Catalonia and Joseph has played a very important role by dancing with Pierre Gaston, another boy, instead of maintaining the conventionality between man and woman. 

The last work in which the Panamanian has participated before leaving to Bulgaria has been The Nutcracker. After the success of last year, PAR has once again bet on this performance and the young man to interpret Pas de Deux. Joseph Peñaloza has taken his last steps in the PAR this weekend with this traditional ballet. And after once again achieving a great reception from the public, it has embarked on a new path in Bulgaria with the help of the State Opera Stara Zagora.  


Congratulations, Joseph, good luck on your new path!